Your sanctuary away from the city

Escape to the serenity of a forested haven

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Acres of forest land
BHK Villas
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SBUA per unit
Km from Gachibowli

Nurture your body and spirit within the lap of nature

‌Whether it's inspiration, calm, or wellness, find it at Depalle; enveloped by the forest from the moment you step in. It's not just about living near the forest; it's a 360-degree immersion.

A sanctuary for your family and a legacy for them beyond wealth

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A good financial investment? Of course, and at Depalle, you also create a legacy to enjoy now and pass on. Strengthen your bond with family and their bond with nature. This eco-habitat is designed to ensure a getaway home that future generations will cherish.

Nature's symphony inside and out

Nature is your everyday companion here, seamlessly woven into your daily life. From swimming in the bio-pool to your unique outdoor bathroom, the al fresco dining or a forest walk, nature is ever-present. Here sustainability co-exists with refined living and amenities like dining, entertainment, fitness, housekeeping, a health clinic and even a farm store.

‌‘Rurban’ living : Nature, community and refined living together in perfect balance

Mornings @Depalle Start the Day Right Family Lunch Lazy Afternoons Sociable Evenings Twinkling Starlight

Let birds wake you up for a cuppa or maybe yoga by the pond!

Enjoy al fresco breakfast with family or friends.

A chatty family lunch outdoors using your roof garden harvest.

From games in the pool to snacks and chai at the Clubhouse.

Mingle with friends over a rooftop bbq dinner or by the club pool.

A nighttime stroll or movie night on the rooftop.

Effortless Sustainability - Samvriddhi & Sapthapatha

Our holistic framework of Sapthapatha guides our  design and operations so all stakeholders to thrive; the Earth, the residents and neighbours alike.
Our global award-winning modelwith 10 years of expertise means you get a rich living experience with your family that is still effortlessly sustainable.

What this means for you

Stories from Organo

“The concept of Goshala at Organo, the biopool, the afforestation measures, the energy elements, the thought processes of the developers, the empathy with which they have thought of every aspect in terms of people and the planet, we can go on about why Parul and I decided to invest in Organo.”

Dr Guru Prasad Hindupur

“The quality of air, the lush farms, the vegetables that were being plucked by the residents from their backyard farms were all such delightful scenes for us. My daughters are thrilled at the prospect of living there. They can’t wait. I can’t wait to wake up to glorious sunrises, bathing in the forest, taking long nature walks, eating fresh food, and interacting with the other residents.”

Dr Parul Hindupur

“For me, the value goes beyond money. Organo’s vision of thinking of every aspect of a wholesome life is truly amazing. We need more such communities if we want our future generations to live a good life. Additionally, the well-designed spaces integrating nature foster creativity.”

Aliza Furniturewala

“When we walked into Naandi the first time, I was awestruck. I was completely taken in by their natural agricultural practices, fresh produce which directly lands from the farm to the table, fresh milk from goshala. As a mother, I feel responsible for my kids’ nourishment. For me, the home-grown food aspect was a huge draw.”

Dr. Nilufer Sheik

“For us as a family Damaragidda will be that one sanctuary to pursue the things we love. For Ankush, it will be all aspects of farming and interacting with like-minded people, for me it will be great to have the community life and fresh surroundings and for our daughter, to give wings to her creativity and having friends.”

Anil Dasa

“I know, from experience, that they take care of finer details and think from the residents perspective unlike many builders who treat buildings as mere projects. They guide the residents and educate them on sustainability through various workshops. All the projects have spaces to connect and participate in cultural activities.”

Niharika Kosanam

“Aspects like the secluded car park area, pedestrian friendly community, make us feel happy as parents that our daughter can live a normal childhood and also make friends in the community. I believe that my daughter will get to know and live the childhood that I experienced.”

Sheela Kudaravalli

“We wanted a community, greenery, sustainable environment, live close to nature. We felt we needed to do more for the environment but as individuals it becomes difficult. But in a community, it becomes a collective effort. Instead of `I’ or `me’ it becomes about `us. It becomes a joy when you’re a part of the eco-system. It doesn’t feel like a chore.”

Prathima Inolu

”When you invest in Organo eco habitats you make a larger social impact–on the neighbouring villages, the farmers, the villagers, and on the environment. That for us means the world. For me and Shalini, it has always been about being a part of the larger good.”

Ramesh Legala

“I understood the hardships of a farmer. Farming is hard work. Whoever understands farming will never waste food. I also understand how important it is to know the origin of our food and the role safe food plays in our health,”

Raasha Legala

“As an architect what impresses me most is their sustainable design and the natural materials, they’ve used in building it. Everything in their communities is so pure, whether it is milk orvegetables, air or water, flora, or fauna. Organo Kandawada is my dream and I want my kids to live the dream life.”

Sushma Reddy

“I am not even sure if such a community exists anywhere in India. Organo has a unique way of bringing like-minded people together. As a family, for us it will be the perfect home to settle in and for me to grow old in. When sustainability as a concept is implemented the way Organo does, it resonates with nature. And anything that resonates with nature will only make the residents healthy and happy.”

Sudhir Reddy

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